Hello, I’m David Small and I am the President of Queen’s CU this year. I am a second year law student from Raffrey, Co Down. I went to Down High School and now live in Union Theological College while I’m at university. My hobbies include keeping up to date with current affairs while also being interested in tennis, football and badminton because it’s a great way to meet new people.

Queen’s Christian Union has played an important role in university for myself and many others and I am looking forward to contributing to organising events in the CU for the year ahead. The CU is a great way for Christian’s on campus to work together in evangelism; as a mission team telling everyone on campus about the Gospel.

God has provided a means of salvation to us and it is up to us to share this message of forgiveness and hope with the help of His Spirit. It is my hope that this year the CU will be used by God to share the message of Jesus’ death on the cross for us. As President I hope that the CU will be able to co-ordinate this mission effectively and with great effect.