Hey ya’ll my name is Jordan Williamson and I am responsible for the publicity of QUBCU for 2017/18.  I attended Ballyclare Secondary School and I am currently in my final year of Computer Science. Ive been attending Glenabbey Church (representing the non-denominational) since I was about five. I love anything adventurous and anything outdoors and love to travel.

I todays society everything revolves around social media, pretty much every student will have Facebook or Instagram and will be using it everyday. I want to take advantage of this fact and use this trend to spread the word of God across our whole campus.  I would love for our posts, videos, flyers and events to be a talking point around Queens campus. I would love for people to be drawn in by the publicity, and curious about the Christian faith – that the appeal of the publicity will bring them one step closer to knowing and loving the almighty saviour Jesus Christ.  

I am looking forward to reaching people around Queens campus through social media that wouldn’t normally be able to be reached by the christians on campus. One of my favourite verses is from Hebrews “The Son is the radiance of God’s glory and the exact representation of His being, sustaining all things by his powerful word” and I hope to live by the truth throughout this year.