Hi, I’m Cameron Sharp and I am the Treasurer of Queen’s Christian Union.  After completing A-Levels at Lurgan College, I now study Computing & Information Technology. On Sundays, I attend Hill Street Presbyterian in Lurgan in the mornings, and Crescent Church in the evenings.  Outside of CU, my passions include any type of American sport, music and Christian literature.

My role on CU committee is fairly self-explanatory.  I look after the finances which mainly involves spending lunchtimes in the SU Finance Office, filling out spreadsheets and stopping the rest of the committee from spending all our money.  

Having spent three years in Queen’s University (two in class and one on placement), I recognise we have an amazing opportunity to reach thousands of students with the Gospel.  My prayer is that the Lord will have His way and work powerfully in the lives of those we meet on campus.