Following on from the response from the coffee stall evangelism during Mission Week, the CU have decided to start up Daytalk! Basically it’s handing out tea, coffee and biscuits with a smile, establishing the presence of the CU on campus and allowing interaction with the rest of the university for people to come with their personal experiences and questions and build relationships with the CU, and most importantly an opportunity to share Christ and the gospel!
Anyone looking to come along (and please do) the team meet in the Hub for prayer 12.30-1.00pm and then the tea and coffee stall will be running outside the SU from 1-3pm. Loads of you have class and understandably wont be able to be there for all of that, but if you are free at all during that time it would be great to see you come along! And feel free to come and go as you need to.

Need any more info or if you have any questions then email: