And rising very early in the morning, while it was still dark, he departed and went out to a desolate place, and there he prayed.

Mark 1:35
At QUBCU, we are followers of God who seek to glorify Him through becoming more like his son Jesus. One of the ways we can do this is through prayer. As the verse above shows, Jesus Christ dedicated himself to time with his Heavenly Father, even though he was without sin! How much more do we need to do this as we go about our daily lives? God cares for us and seeks to be in relationship with us through prayer; we hope to engage with and understand more and more the importance of prayer throughout our year in CU. Without prayer, we are nothing - we are just people. Prayer reveals our dependence upon God and in our CU context, the meetings we will have on Mondays at 7pm (before the main meeting in the Snack Bar) and the prayer breakfasts on Wednesdays at 8am in the Hub, Elmwood Avenue, show that MISSION IS GOD'S WORK and GROWTH IS GOD'S WORK. We will focus on bringing to God our desires for our campus, our heartcries for our friends who don't know him or need to know and understand him better. We will support and remember the global work of IFES and seek to support each other through times of sharing and praying for one another in smaller groups. We want QUBCU to be rooted and grounded in Christ and, therefore, in prayer. We want to be a praying CU, in tune with the heart of God and desirous to see his kingdom come to our campus - in the small things as well as the big. Through prayer, we want our faith to become real in our everyday understanding of life and our strength through the tough times. Also, the prayer meetings are the places where you really get to know people in CU - it is where we can be honest about our struggles and share our encouragements.   We could go on about what prayer is and the importance of it... but we want to leave you with one last thought again. Jesus, the God-man, got up early to devote himself to the Father in prayer - how much more should we, both corporately and individually, strive to be praying people in constant communication with God throughout our days? How can we glorify Him without this?

Prayer Times

Prayer times are as follows:
  • 6:30 pm on Mondays in Snackbar in the SU
  • 8am on Wednesday mornings in House 22 of the Hub

    Prayer Points