Small groups meet weekly and are a great place for fellowship and to study the Word together. Small groups are done on a subject basis so they are a great place to meet more people in your subject field!

Below are the different small groups!If you want more info or don’t know which small group to join, email Micha (there is a form at the bottom of the page!).

Has three smallgroups meeting on different nights so choose whichever suits you better!


1 – Katherine Aiken:
2 – Ben Johnston
3 – Victoria Cockcroft and Kerry Patterson



Nursing & Midwifery

Naomi Harris
Jordan Reid
Joshua Ellis



Biological Science & Geography

Claire Todd
Stephen McCreight




Joshua Watson
Andrew Harvey




Hannah Hyndman




Sarah Matthews
Alison Weir



Maths, Physics and Computer Science

Two groups! One meets on a Wednesday and the other on a Thursday night!

Johathon McMurray and Ryan Patterson
Steven Rogers and Alexandra Bready



History and Theology

Tim Houston and Claire Moorcroft



English Literature and Modern Languages

Claire McAdam
Hannah Gowdy



Management and Economics

Hannah Alderdice
Reuben McCollum




Annie Cassells
Hannah Massey



Phychology, Social Sciences, and Chemistry

Sian Doherty
Peter Moore




Sriyath Wijegoonewardene
Carmen Chan



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