As a part of CU Evangelism, Talkshop is an outreach ministry geared towards reaching fellow students. It runs every THURSDAY night (no longer monday nights!), meeting at 11pm in the Crescent Church café, with a Bible study and prayer time, before heading out onto the streets afterwards. Our chief aim in Talkshop is to spread the Good News of the salvation that Christ brings through faith in him and we seek to do that by talking with the people we meet on the streets. It is our hope that, as effective witnesses, we can provoke thought, build relationships and essentially change hearts. Many people we meet have questions, or in many cases problems with Christianity, be it with the church, the state of this world or even things like the age of the Earth. We don’t pretend to have all the answers but we hope that in speaking with these people in love, we can show them something of Christ and his Spirit at work in our lives.


In an effort to train as witnesses of Christ, Talkshop will be running Equip seminars with a focus on apologetics later in the year. This basically means that the seminars will seek to address some of the tough questions we are asked as Christians. It is a great way to learn about our faith and be equipped to discuss it with others. Updates on when these will begin will be posted through the CU (hopefully).


All of this is only possible through prayer and the working of God’s spirit in us and the hearts of those we speak to. So please remember Talkshop in your prayers whether you feel that you can come or not. Weekly updates on the people we meet will be sent out to help focus our prayer. If you would like to receive these emails please write us at, you can use the form at the side of the page.
Talkshop does run late and is often challenging and a little frightening at times, but we can trust that God will bless the efforts we make in his service.

“For God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control.” -2 Timothy 1:7