QUBCU, works alongside Friend’s international to reach international students on campus, one of the ways we currently do this is through Icafe. If you’d like to find out more about iCafe or get involved click here. Here is a little bit about friend’s international from their website.

Friends International is an evangelical mission agency dedicated to encouraging and equipping UK churches to reach international students for Christ. We seek to help international students, whatever their faith or background, during their stay in the UK.
Friends International’s History
Since the first appointment of staff to full-time ministry among international students in 1987, Friends International has grown to over 60 staff. We reach students in more than 30 cities around the UK and have plans to reach another 2-4 cities during the next 12 months.

Friends International’s Vision
Our vision is that every international student in the UK should have a Christian friend, giving them the opportunity to respond to the message of Jesus Christ and return home with the desire and skills to spread the Gospel in their own country and throughout the world.

In every area of work we are committed to:

• Prayerful dependence on God for everything we need to fulfil our vision

• The Bible as our source of teaching and models of ministry

• The vital role of the local church in sharing the Gospel with the nations

• Caring for the whole person

• Giving equal respect to all cultures

• Cross-cultural sensitivity in all relationships

• Giving priority to people groups which have least opportunity to hear the gospel in their own countries

• Servanthood, openness, consultation and mutual commitment in all of our relationships

• Giving all staff opportunity to use their unique, God-given gifts to their full potential

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